Parent Reviews

Avinelle O

Grandson  progressed so much with Miss Nicole. He is definitely ready for kindergarten. He looked forward to every day. He told me about sight words, rhyming words, and compound words. Baby sister will be attending next year. Mama is happy.😃

Meg K.
Best preschool/daycare option in Jacksonville! The teachers are incredible. They really take the time to educate the kids. Our child is constantly surprising us with the new things he is learning. We are beyond thankful, and impressed, by milestones!

Nicole H.

 Amazing! My daughter started her first year at Milestones this school  year....  we could not be more pleased with what she has learned and how  she has progressed through the school year. Highly recommended! 

Priscilla O.

 My grandson has learned so much and has  made many friendships with his  class.  Wonderful teachers, very organized surroundings, and great  leadership make this establishment very welcoming. 

Stephanie F.

My son just stepped into his first day of has just made me realize JUST HOW LUCKY we were to  have had you guys the last 2 years. I think I may have taken for granted  the "extra" love/attention and care for EVERY little detail start to  finish. From the very moment you show up for school at Milestones you  feel "special/important" like you matter...I am realizing not  everyone/school has that in place. THANK YOU for being such a super  place for our kids to start! We are spoiled by y'all! Our daughter better  enjoy it while it last!