Milestones Preschool and Enrichment Center is focused on delivering quality education designed to prepare students for Kindergarten.  Through direct and indirect instruction, guided play and free choice centers, our students will be academically, socially and emotionally ready for the rigors of Kindergarten.   

Milestones is proud to partner with Sylvan Learning in order to deliver research based curriculum in all 3 and 4 year old classrooms.  The instruction is intensive, with the lessons presented in a three-lesson sequence that builds from guided practice, to independent practice, to application. All lessons use scaffold instruction and systematic sequencing to optimize learning.  

Teachers will model and reinforce skills while gradually transferring the responsibility to the student. The material is divided into small chunks so that students have daily opportunities for success, and teachers make sure that every student is involved and participating in the lessons.   Periodic formal, and informal assessments, will be administered throughout the year to ensure students’ progress through the curriculum as expected.   Studies have proven that students who enter Kindergarten with a solid academic, social and emotional foundation see greater success throughout their school career.  

Together we will work hand in hand with all enrolled families to provide consistent communication, encourage family involvement and strive to provide children with a solid foundation designed for academic success.

Preschool Age Students


  • Through direct and indirect instruction, guided play and free choice centers our students will be academically, socially and emotionally ready for the rigors of Kindergarten. 
  • Classes  are available for students from 2 1/2 through 5 years old.
  • Convenient program times allow families to find the right preschool schedule for their child.  
    • Tradition Preschool from 8:30-3:00
    • 1/2 day preschool from 8:30-11:30
    • Extended care options allowing drop off at 6:30am and pick-up as late as 6:00pm.
  • Various schedule options provide families the option to enroll Monday-Friday, Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • Our preschool and summer enrichment program offer families care throughout the entire year.

School Age Students


  • Students have the opportunity to engage in fun, educational and structured activities after school as well over school breaks.  
  • Our structured homework support session helps take the burden of homework off mom and dad.
  • Spanish speaking teachers are available for our students enrolled in the Dual Language program. 
  • Transportation is provided from school to Milestones Preschool.
  • 21st century learning through our STEM enrichment partnership with Sylvan keeps learning FUN!
  • Weekly field trips are offered when students are out of school.

Is preschool necessary for my child to be successful in Kindergarten?

Students enter Kindergarten at various academic levels. With the rigors of Kindergarten increasing preschool helps to ensure students begin Kindergarten with a solid academic foundation.

How is Milestones different from other child care centers in Jacksonville?

Milestones is an academically focused preschool. Throughout the year assessments are administered to provide teachers and parents with academic data. Our teachers share this data with families during semester conferences.

Does Milestones have a curriculum?

At Milestones we are dedicated to meeting the needs of the whole student. We have collaborated with several companies to develop a curriculum that we are confident will prepare our students for Kindergarten. Our classes deliver the Sylvan Beginning Reading and Ace it! Reading program as well as Everyday Math and Handwriting Without Tears.

Is Milestones Preschool a NC-PreK facility?

Milestones is not a NC-PreK facility. In order to be a NC-PreK facility we would need to implement the Creative Curriculum. This curriculum is not one a curriculum that we have chosen to implement. 

Does Milestones Preschool serve meals?

Milestones does not provide any meals or snacks. Parents are responsible for providing meals and snacks for their students.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

To protect our instructional day all students must be fully potty trained to attend Milestones.