We had a vision; a vision that our children will grow up to find success in life, be well educated and lastly be confident leaders striving to make a difference in the world. As educators, “our” children are “your” children. This vision fueled the opening of Milestones Preschool in 2016 and is undoubtedly the driving force behind Milestones Academy.  

Our vision for each child’s future starts with our dream of a classroom that enables teachers to empower students. With small classroom sizes our teachers will have the opportunity to better differentiate instruction to meet the various needs within each classroom. Low teacher to student ratios allows teachers to provide each child with the attention needed to reach their highest academic potential. Students will be engaged in an environment that fosters the love of learning and encourages creative thinking. 

As educators, our job is more than just delivering curriculum. We are preparing 21st century students to be tomorrow's leaders. These children will buy and sell to the world. They will compete with people from other countries as well as work hand in hand with them to solve global problems. We intend to prepare our students for a world where borders that currently divide continents are blurred.  Our students will have an understanding of the world that ranges from issues facing our local community to national and international events that have worldwide implications.

Through highly qualified instruction, small classroom sizes and global learning opportunities, Milestones Academy is focused on the “whole” student. We are empowering students to be 21st century leaders! 


Dual Language Immersion


Traditional Classroom

1. Will the teachers follow the Common Core?

We understand the words “Common Core” often bring a bit of controversy! However, we also understand that it is our responsibility as your child’s teachers to ensure they are ready to transition into 6th grade academically prepared for success. Schools nationwide are implementing this curriculum and it is our responsibility to align our standards to meet and/or exceed what is being taught in schools around us. Our teachers will deliver the Common Core standards along with additional concepts that parents often feel are being left out of today’s classrooms. We are dedicated to ensuring your child receives a quality education. Common Core is just one piece of our academic focus. 

2. Why is Milestones Academy doing a year-round calendar?

Over the years research has shown the academic benefits of students attending year-round schools. On average students lose up to 3 months of “learning loss” over the summer break. Attending a year-round school allows students to have a schedule typically arranged with 9 weeks of school followed by 3 weeks of break which is referred to as intersession. Students still attend the same number of days and/or hour of school as traditional calendar children. Students begin school in mid-July and have intersession breaks in the fall, over the Christmas holiday and in the spring. The school year ends around June giving students around 5 weeks of summer break. 

3. Will Milestones Academy offer care for students over Intersessions? 

Yes! This is an additional program families will need to enroll in separately. Our students will attend weekly field trips and remain engaged over the breaks. 

4. How many students will be in one class?

We understand the importance of low teacher: student ratios. We have promised families our students will receive the individual attention necessary to reach their highest potential. This is simply not possible with large class sizes. We are expecting to have an average of 20 students per classroom with some classes being a little smaller. Kindergarten, first and second grade classes will have a full-time teacher assistant in each classroom. All third, fourth and fifth grade classrooms will have a teacher assistant for at least 50% of the school day. 

5. How are children being assessed during the year?

Assessments allow our classroom teachers to gauge the growth of each student. It gives us the tools necessary to ensure students are progressing through the curriculum as expected and most importantly it allows us to tailor each child’s program to their individual needs. When students and parents hear the word “assessment” often times their stress level goes up. At Milestones Academy it is our goal for students to be confident learners who show their proficiency through their daily work. Teachers will complete information assessments daily with students through various methods,  including but not limited to, written work, portfolios, grading, tests, quizzes, and project-based assignments.

6. Will students take EOG’s?

Students in grades 3rd, 4th and 5th will take a nationally standardized assessment at the end of each school year. End of Grade test will be used as a guide for teachers, students and parents to measure a student’s progress objectively. EOG’s will NOT solely determine promotion or retention. 

7. What is Dual Language Immersion (DLI or also referred to as Spanish Immersion)?

Language immersion is an opportunity for students to be immersed in a second language with the goal of becoming bilingual. At Milestones Academy students can enroll in our Spanish Immersion program. Research shows that students who learn a second language have a better understanding of math concepts, increased reading comprehension skills and consistently outperform traditional classroom students on standardized test. We are excited to offer this program to our families. In today’s society being bilingual opens many doors that may otherwise be closed for a monolingual peer. We understand that DLI is not the right fit for every child; however, we encourage our families who are interested to speak to our Director. 

8. What is a global learning?

We live in a world that is run by technology. With technology at our fingertips we are constantly communicating with individuals around the world. Milestones Academy wants students to understand the similarities and differences of various cultures and countries. We are preparing 21st century students to be tomorrow’s leaders. Our students will have an understanding of the world that ranges from our local community to national and international happenings. 

9. Will my child be able to participate in “specials”?

We offer PE, Music and Art to all enrolled students. 

10. Will students wear uniforms?

Students are expected to wear khaki or navy bottoms (shorts, pants or skirts) and any solid color collared (polo or button down) shirt.


11. Does Milestones Academy offer tuition discounts?

Milestones Academy offers discounts for siblings and families who pay tuition annually. We encourage families to reference our tuition options or speak with a Director about our various payment options. We accept various scholarships provided by the state of North Carolina.

12. Can my child order lunch?

Students can order lunch daily from outside vendors we have contracted with for meals. Parents will order through our online parent portal. Students who choose not to order should bring a lunch to school. 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms will have microwaves for student use.